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The First Steps

While the idea of building your own house may sound exciting, it often ends up being far more challenging than originally anticipated. People decide to build homes for many reasons. It is wonderful to have an original house that is custom-made specifically for you and your family. But building a house is a process that requires dedication and commitment as well as specific skills. If each step of the plan is not executed accordingly, it is possible to end up paying much more than what was first estimated.
From the Ground 
The original stages of home building require many steps. First of all, source out a good lot for your new home. Once you have put in an offer, it is time to get building permits. If you are looking at building in a subdivision, it is possible that plans must first be approved.

Once the building process is ready to get started, it is important to research all potential costs and leave a financial safety net for anything that may come up during the process. Not only is it necessary to take into consideration material costs, but also labor, plumbing, heating, and electricity. In addition, new appliances can often be costly and installation is not always as easy as it first appears.
Dealing with many different contractors can be frustrating. It is possible to have a new home, but have to wait for heat or electricity as contractor's schedules could not be coordinated appropriately.
There Is A Better Way

If the main reason you want to build a home is because you crave more space or a more original feel, Modular Home Additions offers simple home renovation and home building solutions that will leave you completely satisfied. The professionals at Modular have perfected a process that enables our clients to calculate their costs efficiently, eliminating all expensive surprises during the process.
Modular helps build homes to complete customer satisfaction in the most simplified way possible. Our clients can pick exactly how they want their new home to look right down to paint color.
Should you wish to renovate an existing building, our contractors will demolish and dispose of all unneeded materials. Our goal is to have you in your new home as quickly as possible.
Not only do we handle the exterior works of a new home, Modular will never leave a job unfinished. Electricity, heating and plumbing will all be installed accordingly, leaving you with a brand new house that is completely functional. In addition, our process of offsite construction makes the building or renovation process more cost-effective as well as far less disorderly.
For a home that is built exactly as you want it, let Modular Home Additions help. Call us at 416-759-4663 and let us get you in your new home!
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